Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorites of January 2013

I didn't have any stellar recipes this week. Between being busy with school and work, and being limited on the food I had in the house, I didn't have anything worth sharing, so instead, I thought I would try something new. At the end of each month, I'm going to share a few of my favorite things of that month. They may be recipes, clothing items, food products, anything. So, to start off, here's my first month of my favorite things. 1. Dorot frozen herb cubes:

These frozen cubes are great. I always have trouble keeping fresh cilantro, and this is a great substitute. They are great for throwing into soups, rice, sauces, and all sorts of other great things. They are in the freezer section at many grocery stores. The two in the picture are the only ones I've tried thus far, but I'm sure they are all great.

2. mark. Connect the Dots scarf:

This scarf is great! It's soft and light, and a nice, neutral taupe color. Personally, I LOVE polka dots, but I think the scarf works great for everyone, and I really like wearing it. The Good Vintage Earrings(also in the picture) are also great! Both can be purchased here

3. Dansko Valie pull-ip shoes:
These shoes are great! I've been having alot of back problems, due to bad posture and flat feet, but since I've gotten these shoes, everything has gotten better. They are cute enough to wear with dress pants or a skirt, and comfortable enough to wear all day at work, standing most of the time. I would definately recommend these. They can be bought here.

4. Lipton green tea superfruit, Jasmine Passoinfruit with Citrus

This tea is so tasty! I have both the decaf and the caffeinated versions(since I don't like to drink caffeine too late into the day). It's a unique taste, and not overly green tea tasting, which I like(since I tend to think green tea tastes a bit bitter). Between the cold weather and sore throats, I've been drinking alot of this tea. I've found this at Target and Giant eagle, but if you want to buy online, you can buy it here.

Well, these are some of my favorite things from the month of January. What were some of your favorite things this month?

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