Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weeknight fun with the Tribe

Last night, in the attempts to do something fun, the hubby and I went to the Indians game. Since the Entertainment book has coupons for buy on get one tickets that are only good Monday through Thursday, we figured yesterday was as good a day as any to go. Even with the 88 degree temperature at the atart of the game, the night was pretty good. Nick decided to get some ridiculous Grand Slam Nachoes(pulled pork, cheese, jalepenos, lettuce, tomato, and tortilla chips inside a tortilla bowl), which I had to snack on a bit, despite how horribly unhealthy they were. But just look how delicious they looked.
Of course, the game was great too, with free t-shirts, homeruns, and my first win of the season!! GO TRIBE!! We even almost caught a homerun ball, but instead I got elbowed in the head and have a bit of a bump today. Oh well, it was still fun. Going to the game did mean, however, that I got no workout in, and that I was up past my normal 10pm bedtime(yes, I know that is early, but I like sleeping!). On the plus side, I found a new way to get to Tower City Parking that doesn't involve any of the closed bridges(Welcome to Construction season, Cleveland!) Overall, it was a great night in Downtown Cleveland, and I'm so glad we go to see a win!

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